About Us

The company originally incorporated in the state of Arizona under the name Recon Agency. Gear Up (dba), was founded in 2010. Our online & retail stores have been outfitting and shipping your preparedness and outdoor preparedness products and equipment throughout the world. Our preparedness products have been featured in print, radio and television on shows such as National Geographic, Book of Secrets, Discovery, Fox News, ABC News, The Blaze, Anderson Cooper, Today Show, TV Tokyo, Buzzfeed, Nova, Men's Journal..to name a few.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched our subsidiary, GearUp 911 and have been dedicated to acquiring much-needed supplies for the medical and commercial market at this critical time.

We have been bridging the gap and connecting both our domestic and international partners with their preparedness and emergency needs. Long before the recent outbreak of the Corona 19 virus, Gear Up had assembled a network of credible suppliers and manufacturers providing solutions to help emergency and health care markets become more efficient and ultimately getting vital products to those in need.  During the last 10 years, we have supplied Norad, Border Patrol, Alaskan State Troopers, Military personnel and Police Forces (to name a few), as well as the commercial markets.

Emergency related products include the latest in health care innovations as well as essential medical supplies such as:

Lab Testing & Test Kits--Covid/FLU all strains; H Pylori (2023) Other Virus/Infections/Cancer etc; Saliva Drug Testing

PPE/Medical Equipment--Hospital, Medical and Consumer Needs. Please inquire for needs and quote.

If you are looking for the acquisitions of bulk supplies, we can connect you with the right suppliers and accelerate the procurement process. If you are in need for smaller quantities, please check out our gearup911.com website.