Covid PCR Test Kit

Labs-State-of-the-art PCR Covid Testing (extremely accurate) for all employees and staff members; all other blood work testing is available too i.e Diabetes, hepatitis etc.

Convenience-test kits are sent to your company/govt locations for easy turn around results. Larger organizations, Lab Tech can be made available on site. Volume Ability-up to 300,000 test per week capabilities. Very few labs are capable of doing this.

Important Additional Information-Please Read!
Our Laboratory Partner is a Medicare-certified clinical laboratory provider that offers innovative healthcare laboratory solutions to hospitals, clinics and other medical entities. Serving clients across multiple states in the U.S., our services include infectious disease testing, planning, build-out, staffing, compliance and operation of complex medical labs. They were founded by experienced medical scientists and healthcare professionals and utilize industry leading equipment including Thermofisher, under CAP and CLIA quality standards, to rapidly deliver high complexity molecular testing for infectious disease identification. Their SARS-COV-2 assay is an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) test awarded by the U.S. FDA. This EUA appointed Test is authorized to be performed by certified local and regional laboratories across 49 states with direct supervision from the Main Laboratory HQ in Las Vegas, NV.

The Process is simple:

1. FDA Authorized Nasal Swab Tests are distributed to each business/gov't location, along with official ID Number labels associated for each employee and a medi-sealed package for storing completed tests.

2. Each week any tests taken at the location (administered and supervised by store manager) are labeled, sealed and prepared for either lab courier pick up or mailing directly to lab itself.

3. These tests are verified by the lab (overall capacity of 50,000 test per day) and results are posted in real-time to the labs secure web portal. Access to this data is only provided to the designated personnel at your Corporate Office and shared with FDA in order to comply with the strict CDC guidelines for Reporting Requirements.

You can ask all the questions you want, and also the lab will send the employer all the test to their HR department, to pass out to their employees every week for free. The lab gets paid by the government or insurance company. This is how they can provide the services for free.